Meet our Inventor, Strategic & Scientific Advisors

ReactWell’s top-tier advisors, with diverse international backgrounds, as well as industry and academia relationships currently provide support and services to move forward.Brandon J. Iglesias, inventor of the ReactWell process [publication], is a 2013 Kauffman Foundation Global Scholar. His academic background includes Chemical Engineering B.S., MFIN, MBA, chemistry minor and concentrations in biochemistry and computer science. He has also completed select M.Sc graduate studies at DOE EERE National Geothermal Academy, on scholarship from the State of Nevada, as well as studying under phycologists at the Provasoli-Guillard National Center (NCMA) on Marine Algal & Microbiota in Maine to further develop ReactWell’s bridge technology. His industry experience includes oil & gas, blending, planning, scheduling, bioproduct(s) supply-chain acquisition, operations, conversion and marketing. He has successfully launched and run a 1stgeneration bioproduct business in Louisiana. His skill set encompasses process engineering, reforming, hydrotreating (naphtha, kerosene, jet, lsd, ulsd and gas-oil), FCC, laboratory, MIG welding, plasma cutting, 3D CAD, CFD, economics, turnarounds, heavy equipment, management, planning, sales, PLCs, process and yield accounting. His involvement includes SPE, ACS, ABO, GRC and Princeton BT.
  • Downstream Refining
    Dr. Humberto Vainieri, Former EVP BP Global Refining, CEO UOP and SVP Yukos Research & Development Engineering
  • Algal Virology & Cultivation
    Dr. Willie Wilson is an algal virus ecologist with 20+ yr. research experience, former Director at NCMA
  • Pharma / Biomedical
    Dr. Sandra Coufal, President at Sibling Capital, LLC. Former biomedical advisor for the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
  • Reservoir Engineering & Drilling
    Josh Etkind, Technology Mgr, prior P.E. Project Development Team Lead & Staff Reservoir Engineer at Shell E&P and Schlumberger drilling engineer
  • Oil &Gas Accounting
    Jerry Carlisle, Executive roles with Brock Exploration Company, The Louisiana Land and Exploration Company and Energy Partners
  • Hydrothermal Microbes & Genomics
    Dr. Peter Countway’s research focuses on protistan diversity and activity near hydrothermal vents
  • Finance & Techno-Economic Model
    Jeremey Hunnewell, CPA with extensive financial and control-based auditing for Honeywell, Credit Suisse and Tyco.