Services & Products

Technical services include efficacy determination and strategic planning for proof-of-concept, prototype, pre-manufacturing and deployment at commercial level to minimize time to market, while maximizing key metrics, such as  IRR and GHG reductions. Additionally, consulting services are provided to determine financial returns associated with projects within the following industries:

  • clean tech
  • oil & gas
  • mining
  • petrochemicals
  • utilities
  • fire, life and safety
  • renewable energy resource.


Modeling capabilities include levelized cost of energy (LCOE), material efficiency index (MEI), technology learning curves (TLC), cash-flow (CF), balance sheet (BS), income statement (IS), driven by true fundamentals, which include underlying mass (MB), energy (EB) and momentum balances (MB).


ReactWell’s conversion technology serves oil and gas field operators to produce synthetic oil and various other valuable liquid chemicals from lower value liquids (L2L), gases (G2L) and solids (S2L).  ReactWell’s unique internationally patent-pending technology, based on thermochemical processes, generates renewable energy resources from used and abandoned oil well liabilities.  Additionally, our green chemistry based processes, economically drive green house gas (GHG) reduction, associated with oil & gas fields by production of biofuels, bioproducts and green chemicals.

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