World’s First Chemistry on a Chip “Chem Chip”

World’s First Chemistry on a Chip “Chem Chip™”. Interested industrialists within the energy, chemical or fuels space will find our Chemistry on a Chip “Chem Chip™” of interest at multiple strategic levels and within several time domains.

Chemistry on a Chip™ or “Chem Chip(s)™” are solid-state chemical cells that upgrade existing refinery and petrochemical plants to solid-state chemistry and de-couple their dependence on crude oil. Use cases for a Chem Chip™ include, “Refinery on a Chip™” and “Plant on a Chip™” for production of more than one carbon molecule.

Chem Chips are built with trillions of nanoscale spikes that concentrate the electrical field to enable 12 electron direct reactions. Think of this innovation as an industrial scale version of nature’s enzymes that focus electron transfer. However, life in nature’s mission is to live first and not make products. Our Chem Chip’s mission is to make products first as it does not require biological life to run the reaction within such an intense electrical field created on the Chem Chips.

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