Ethanol from CO2 and Water

Single step reaction converts Carbon Dioxide and Water into Ethanol. The unique technology, Iglesias said, opens up opportunities to streamline energy conversion needs across many applications.

Any operation that produces a carbon dioxide byproduct can benefit. For example, ORNL’s catalyst happens in one step, and when incorporated into the ReactWell process, it would remove a refinery’s need to purchase additional hydrogen from a pipeline or produce additional hydrogen using steam methane reforming or electrolysis via electrolyzers.

ReactWell will bring ORNL’s electrochemical process, which converts carbon dioxide directly into ethanol, into the company’s existing conversion solution known as the ReactWell process.

The brainchild of inventor Brandon Iglesias, the ReactWell process is a research and development project involving a reaction that converts organic material to synthetic crude oil. It can be used by refineries to upgrade their feedstock or to convert biomass to oil.

ORNL’s method involves nanofabrication and catalysis science, using tiny spikes of carbon and copper to turn the greenhouse gas into a sustainable liquid.

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