Reactwell Awarded Key Patent(s) in China

Reactwell’s novel underground reactor work rewarded with key patent(s) issued in The People’s Republic of China (PRC). Reactwell, a novel technology based cleantech company, in 2015 expanded South Coast laboratory and added new hires. In 2016, received key United States of America CO2 utility patent, expanded offices into West Coast, signed flexible lease on subsurface RD&D site and received key patent(s) for subsurface reactor system to produce synthetic crude oil using a renewable process in The PRC.

Reactwell’s research, development and demonstration work occurs inside a laboratory, offices and an undisclosed test site with demonstration and commercial data acquisition capabilities. Our employees, low-cost laboratory expansion, distressed equipment acquisitions and commercial data test site, boost our in-house research, development, demonstration and commercial data acquisition capabilities as we continue to solidify our IP assets and develop pilot and demonstration infrastructure assets.

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