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Breaking news related to ReactWell

Ethanol from CO2 and Water

Single step reaction converts Carbon Dioxide and Water into Ethanol. The unique technology, Iglesias said, opens up opportunities to streamline energy conversion needs across many applications. Any operation that produces a carbon dioxide byproduct can benefit. For example,...
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Certified Cannabis Brand Created

Reactwell creates Certified Cannabis brand for independent testing laboratory services, quality control and quality assurance. The brand, Certified Cannabis, is backed by Mass Spec and various other forms of LC and GC laboratory analytical equipment as well as...
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Reactwell Completes ISO 17025 Review

Reactwell Completes ISO 17025 Review on Quality Systems & Management Processes. This includes Standard Operating Procedures, System of Record, Chemical Inventory Management, Training Records, Chain of Custody and Security review....
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Reactwell teams up with EWB Tulane University Chapter

Reactwell teams up with EWB Tulane University Chapter to deploy field ready Atmospheric Water Capture (AWC) units abroad. Most importantly, these units will be serviced and managed through locally owned micro-enterprises via Our field deployable AWC units...
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