The Advanced Prototyping Center, the world’s leading cleantech prototyping facility, at La Kretz Innovation Campus was a joint effort by Reactwell and APROe for the nonprofit Los Angeles Cleantech Inubator (LACI).

Reactwell’s experience with chemical, electrical and programming combined with APROe’s experience in mechanical provided a win-win to provide the Los Angeles and Greater Surrounding region with the world’s leading Advanced Prototyping Center to help lift-up cleantech efforts in the region for decades to come.

Key Enabling Labs, Shops and Assembly Centers as part of the work include:

  1. Digital Prototyping Lab 404
  2. Wet Laboratory 416
  3. Core Laboratory 421
  4. Clean Room & Cell Lab 423A
  5. Electronics Lab 423
  6. Wireless Lab 504
  7. Wood Shop 505
  8. Welding & Cutting Shop 419
  9. Print Shop 414
  10. Cut & Sew Lab 414A
  11. Waterjet Center 408A
  12. 3D Print Shop 408D
  13. Facility Systems Compressed Air & Vac Room 408C
  14. Laser Center 408L
  15. Robotics Center 408R
  16. CNC Center 408C
  17. Material Working Center 408M
  18. Assembly Center 408
  19. Material Movements 408
  20. Packaging & Shipping 408
  21. Stock Storage Unit

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