Our Business

ReactWell is a next-generation science, engineering and information technology company developing reactor systems to produce synthetic oil and various other valuable commodities.  This unique technology is internationally patent-pending.


ReactWell’s mission is to support dwindling supplies of non-renewable conventional liquid hydrocarbons and chemicals for use in the transportation and chemical markets with our renewable  oil, while capitalizing on CO2 supply-chain growth. This is accomplished primarily by producing cost-competitive renewable oil, co-products and derivative instruments when compared to conventional oils derived from fossil fuels.


ReactWell believes the CO2 supply-chain will reach maturity within the next 10-20 years. In this market, ReactWell seeks to build an internationally recognized next-generation renewable oil and chemical platform which utilizes its technical expertise and business acumen to provide reliable, quality and high-margin co-products to the energy, mining and agriculture sectors.